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On my 10K Model-A the stud gear is the top/outermost 20T gear of the
pair that mates with the reverser gears. That's why HTRAL is listing
two. Then the Stud gear mates with an 80T idler which goes on to the
56T Output gear, connected to the QC box. In mine the Output gear
sits behind/under a 40T spare gear that is to be used as a stud gear
for coarse threads.

The 40, 56 and 80 toot gears are pretty common as they are part of the
normal complement of change gears used on model "C" lathes. The 20
tooth gear is not. I made a some a few months ago basically to test my
gear cutting skills. I bought the gear cutters from Grand Tool when
they had them on close out. I still have a few 20 tooth stud gears
left. If you want one for $20.00, let me know.

Glen Reeser

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