Re: Take II, spindle bearing wicks?

Steve Wells

I ordered the standpipe type cups from Gits as per your post.
I believe they will do the trick, if they wick enough oil.
Henry, if the bearings are shimmed for spindle alignment and the
oil drops over head, it can leak from the top of the bearing.
the felt oiler should keep it in the bearing hole and on the spindle.
You must shim the caps for proper bearing clearance. I found this
last weekend that I had to shim the front bearing (not the cap)
down .002 to allow it to seat and properly tighten on the lower
bearing, I have the rear bearing clearance at .001 right now, I have
ordered spindle oil and will re-clean the spindle and bearings and
apply this oil to see if I can lower the clearance to about .0008-
.0009. If I can't, If I read the post's correctly that .001 is OK.
The slots in the bearings would seem to be to allow the oil to flow
down spindle before being wiped. They have ends that are open to the
inside top surface of the head to allow dripping (IMHO) My front
bearing clearance is about perfect right now, but if I tighten the
caps, let's say to about 30 fp it gets tight. I would think I don't
have the shims correct and will reshim untill this does not happen
and the clearance remains the same with the light oil. I am now down
to working with the .001 shims.
Thanks for everyone's help, without it I would be lost.


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Steve, I had the same problem with a 1936 9C. Here's what I'd
suggest: Go to
WD.asp and look at these oilers. The construction has an oil
reservoir with a standpipe in the center that extends down to a
threaded mount. The oil level is always below the top of the
standpipe. The wick loops up out of the oil, through an air space
and down into the standpipe, out the bottom and onto your spinning
spindle. When the lathe is running, the spindle removes oil from
end of the wick, causing sufficient capillary action so that oil
overcome the "lift" up out of the reservoir. This helps to prevent
oil from flowing when the lathe is not running.

Ed in Florida

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Thanks for the wick info, I was pretty sure there was never a
cover in or on the oil cap from the amount of dirt and crud I
in there. Another option I have is to drill and tap a drip type
oiler in the bearing cap. I thought this might be the best
if I could find a small brass one with shut-off and sight glass.
bearing oil cap holes are 5/16.


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