Re: Take II, spindle bearing wicks?

Steve Wells

I have the same problem with my 1922 9" model 25A.
It has phosphorus bronze "Babbit type" bearings, with overhead
oil holes. It does not have covers on the tulip shaped, press-in type,
brass oilers. I'm not sure if it ever had felt running on the
spindle, and may have just been drip oiled by hand. I am going to fit
a cup type oiler with the spring retained felt in the bearing cap.
It looks like I will end up trimming the felt to pass through the
bearing top hole to rest on the spindle. I can tap the bearing cap
hole to fit a larger cup or press some type of an insert in and tap
that. Does anyone have some expert advise here? I would like to do it
the "right way"


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