Re: 1922 9" Reverse tumbler gear

JohnW <John.Walker@...>

What is the PD of the spindle gear? (#teeth+2)/diameter)

IIRC the tumbler gears on my later 9" are 20 DP. I'm not sure the PA
though. Do the gears on the tumbler you bought mesh properly?

Most likely the PA will be 14 1/2 or 20. The 14 1/2 was an older
standard and was used by SB for many of the gears on the 9", so my
first guess would be 14 1/2.

Short of buying a set of gauges, try meshing the spindle gear with a
known gear. I believe the change gears on a newer 9" are 18 PD 14
1/2 PA. The internals to the newer 9" QC appear to be 16 PD, 14 1/2.

Good luck on your restoration.


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The photo on the home page shows a 1920 head stock, with the same
handle type on the reverse gears as the 9" I am trying to bring back
to life. A member on another group sent a copy of the July 1923
catalog 81, in it, was a description of my 1922 Modle 25A which
stated it had the "new, improved reverse gears". The gears have 22
teeth. Can anyone help me find a replacement gear, or a description
of the gear PA? do the 10" gears interchange? I bought a later 9"
tumbler with cast handle and it will not work. I also need a
horizontal drive over-center frame and base if anyone has one.
I have the 6 speed counter drive, but the frame and base are of the
wrong type for bench mounting.

Steve Wells

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