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Hi Bruce,

Use a good Chassis grease (quite similar to cosmoline used by the
gov't to rust proof items for storage) on ALL the unpainted parts.
The grease I am speaking of is the thick, stringy stuff that is
terribly messy. This stuff won't melt off during the summer heat.
What you are trying to do is to block the air from staying in
contact with the metal. Rust is an oxide, as such, cut off its
supply of oxygen and you kill the growth of rust. Also don't sit
directly on the ground or just on top of some boards. Moisture can
come up from underneath and corrode your lathe. Make sure to put a
good vapor barrier, Ie. some heavy plastic sheeting under it to keep
ground moisture from damaging it. Also make sure that the covering
does not seal of your lathe from the outside air completely. You
should have some airflow throught there to dry out any condensation
that might occur. Last but not least, keep an eye on it. When the
weather is good, uncover it and check to see if there is anything
happening. "An oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Best Regards

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Just as I was getting going cleaning and rebuilding a Heavy 10
Toolroom lathe on an under drive cabinet, we need to move. Just to
the next town, but a smaller house yet plenty of room to build a
bigger shop!!!

Need to store the lathe for maybe a year and the only room I have
without tripping over it is outside.

It is partially disassembled, headstock, tailstock, apron all off
of it.

Can I pretty safely just soak it with WD- 40 or LPS or something
like that and keep it covered with a tarp? I could build a lean-to
type thing on the side of a shed if that would help.

Thanks for any advice.


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