Re: Tailstock #2MT reamer (REPLY) #2mt

chris_c_willis <williscebay@...>

Thanks to all who responded to my message. This message board is
truly a great help to a newbie. I ordered a hand reamer, and some
marking dye from Enco this morning.

Last night I mounted the work into the lathe with the tailstock quill
fully extended. While pushing on the work, I measured the travel of
the tailstock quill and the live center.

The Tailstock quill moved less than .003
The live center moved about .010
(I was pushing pretty hard when measuring)

I have not been able to make chips without alot of chatter.
Hopefully this is will fix the problem, and I can go onto learning.

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--- In southbendlathe@..., "REBEL"

I agree.More than likely just simple hand pressure with a reamer
clean up the MT bore.

Bill C.
When I did my drill press, the internal burrs were pretty hard.

I found that taking one good cut was enough and that there was no
noticable increase in how deep the other tooling went.


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