Moving the OLD SB 16"

Rick v100 <rickv100@...>

Fellow members,

I won the auction for the SB 16" that James had
offered here earlier. I am new to machining so I have
some questions at first about moving this lathe.

According to the 1918 Catalog the 16" lathe runs
around 1800 lbs. My idea is to rent a moving van with
a lift gate to move the lathe.

Question. Anyone happen to know the lift capacity of a
lift gate?

Anyone use furniture dollies or similar to move a

To place the lathe on the dollies I was thinking of
using either a jack or an engine hoist to lift it onto
the dollies.

Looking for as many suggestions as possible from
people with experience moving these items.


PS I already have a copy of HTRAL and I have been
actively rereading it.

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