Re: Tailstock #2MT reamer revisited #2mt

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Mount your dial indicator on a faceplate or chuck. If you have a
good MT arbor mount it in the tailstock and take readings on it as
you rotate the headstock chuck by hand. Adjust the tailstock with
shims and the adjusting screws to get a consistent reading at the top
and both sides of the arbor. This will get the arbor end of the
quill lined up but won't garantee that the quill itself is
horizontal. Fully extend the quill and with the test dial mounted on
the xslide check the top of thw quill along its length and shim as
necessary. You might have to repeat the operation a few times to get
everything lined up.

You should be able to hand feed the reamer. Unless the socket is in
really poor shape the reamer will line its self up. You should be
only taking a skim cut anyway.

Good luck.


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I posted a question some time ago about cleaning burrs from my
tailstock, and the end result was to use a finishing reamer. I am
very new, and I am ready to tackle this. In an ideal world I would
chuck up the reamer in the headstock and use the handwheel to feed
the tailstock quill into the reamer. During restoration of my
10) lathe, I noticed that the previous owner shimmed the
I still kept the shims, but did not install them during assembly.
assume that the shims were installed due to wear on the bed close
the headstock, or that the tailstock is not the original, and
match the headstock. I don't have a headstock spindle adaptor
so I can't line up two dead centers between the headstock/tailstock
to see how far off they are.

Now for my question:

Since the alignment between my headstock/tailstock is compromised,
need to find a better way to clean up my tailstock quill. Enco
a Morse Taper "Hand Reamer". Do I just jamb it in the tailstock
spin it with a wrench/Drill?? This seems too crude, and maybe
someone has some better advice.

By the way I can see a (brand-new) #2 live center move in the
tailstock under a load, which leads me to believe that I don't have
perfect fit, and need to clean up the tailstock via a reamer.

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