Re: 9" Face plate blanks

pjwizr_1999 <pjwizr_1999@...>

Thanks for the info,

Count me in as interested. I would like to see faceplate blanks,
steadyrest, cathead, traveling steady, toolpost mods, tailstock
specialties ( die holder, live tail, thru-hole types, etc.)etc. maybe
we could get a local ( groupwise that is) to do the basic machining
of the bases and clamps for a batch so that those without a mill or
shaper could enjoy the wealth also. I can do some clamps but probably
not the bases.

If you are thinking there will be a good price break for a volume
order I would like to get on the list for one. If, like you say,
charge by the pound then it won't make any difference. I would
like to know what they will run.

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