Re: Tailstock #2MT reamer revisited #2mt

Dave Mucha

By the way I can see a (brand-new) #2 live center move in the
tailstock under a load, which leads me to believe that I don't have
perfect fit, and need to clean up the tailstock via a reamer.

The rotating center (slang is live-center) is absolutly fixed on
axis. As far as the work goes, it would not see any difference
between a solid and rotation center.

The ball bearings are not there to allow for any mis-alignment.

You really need to get the tailstock aligned properly.

As for the hand reamer, it should work.

A #2, MT finishing reamer would cost about $30.00 from a supplier. I
had bought one a few years ago and offered to pass it around the
7x10minilathe group, but it got lost and never made it home.

I too would like to use one to clean up a tailstock.

Depending on the part, I might make a holder-wrench for the tailstock
sleeve, chuck the reamer in the 3-jaw and slide the sleeve over the
reamer. Then use the carriage to put some feed pressure on it and
rotate the spindle by hand.


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