Re: 9 inch SB gap lathe


Has anyone here had experience with the seller of this lathe?
Mapquest shows Southington, CT to be the next town South of
Bristol. The ALL CAPS format and the spelling and gramatical errors
look suspiciosly familiar to me. He has a lot of positive feedback,
but Al always starts out that way and then things blow up.

Glen Reeser

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The UK site says these were introduced in 1962 to its relatively

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Hi There,

This lathe has generated a lot of interest on this group. The
Catalogue number works out like this:

CL - Threaded Nose Spindle,
744 - 9" Model A, 16-Speed, V-belt bench lathe, Horizontal Motor
Drive ( HMD ),
R - 4.5 ft. Bed,
G - Gap Bed?,

The production code is unusual. It breaks down like this (the
I can tell):

N - Nine Inch,
A - Quick Change Gearbox, Friction Clutch Apron,
X - Special (spindle and/or swing type),
I - ????

Perhaps someone on this board with an old catalogue could fill
the missing pieces?

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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