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I have read where the tolerances on the Pyramids were such that it
is impossible to slip a piece paper in the joint between the
even today. It surprises many newby machinists the accuracy that
can be had in these old "slow" methods, and in some cases, it is a
degree of accuracy that majority of todays conventional equipment
can still has a difficult time obtaining no matter whether it is a
milling, grinding or turning process.

When I had a holiday in Egypt (10 years ago) I had to see that for
BOY! was I IMPRESSED!!! the joins between ALL of the blocks on ALL
was just like a THIN pencil line!!

I could not believe it, but it was there to see :D

You cannot put anything into the "join". It is absolutely amazing.

Kind regards

Peter Sanders
I am more impressed by the Incas who built Machu Pichu. They built
huge stone walls with a similar precise fit except none of the stones
are square. They are all more or less pillow shaped and fitted into
their neighbors.

Glen Reeser

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