Re: Fitting new half nuts


My first impression on reading this was that there must be a piece of
swarf or something between the saddle and the apron. Is the apron
and saddle original to the bed? I have repaired a set of half nuts
per the artical in HSM a while ago and I had no problem with
alignment. Where did the new half nuts come from?

Glen Reeser

--- In, James Sterner
<jimmy163333@y...> wrote:
Are the new nuts a matched pair, with the same numbers on both
halves? If there was a mix up that might do it too. The nuts are
bored & threaded then split apart later.

"Craig S. Cleckner" <c.s.cleckner@l...> wrote:
I can visibly see the movement. It is not quite a tenth of an inch
so I guessed 0.075. Yes I agree that is 75/1000 of an inch.

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