Re: SB 9" Travelling Steady



I am interested in making a follower rest for my lathe, too. I have
access to sand casting aluminum or bronze at the local Community
College. I suppose I could convince them to try cast iron if I
bought a crucible for the furnace. If someone had a rest I could
borrow, I could cast a few "blanks" to be machined. Dennis P offered
to lend me one for a 10K (or was it a heavy 10) to measure. Anybody
have one for a 9" lathe in the Chicago area? Lurch, have you got one?

Glen Reeser

--- In, James Sterner
<jimmy163333@y...> wrote:
A traveling steady is called a follow rest, can't help you with any
more information than that though.

peter_cassar <pjcassar@h...> wrote:

I'm looking for a picture, plans or basic dimensions of a traveling
steady for the 9" Southbend. I wish to make a replacement steady
my clone. Any help will be appreciated.


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