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Mike, I have been running my 10K for about a month, mine also has a
chunk out of the pulley which is the groove I use most but I have no
problem with it. Someday I will weld it up..Bob
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I don't know what the size limits are for group photos so I stuck
them in my own album. For pictures see:

Picked this up at a L. A. School district auction for eight
hundred. Came complete with 3 and 4 jaw cushman chucks, left, right
and straight tool holders (most still in their original boxes),
cutoff and knurling tools, boring bar, threading tool and index,
parts list and 1960 catalog which shows the price without
goods at 931 dollars. Based on that I'd say I saved a couple of
dollars. Of course, having saved all that money I went out and
the entire Lindsay library and a new single phase motor.

Ways are nice and show the original scrape marks evenly. The major
problems are oil wells with busted hinges, a chip on the motor
pulley, and a overall state of mild grunge. I talked to the
people and decided not to support their drug habit(s). They are
some seriously expensive drugs judging by what they want for a
pulley. I'm just going to say "no". I hope they manage to kick the
habit soon.

Anyways, I'm a woodworker and need this to keep my old (made in
USA) tools running. The first big job once I get the hang of it is
turn down the cutterhead shaft on my big jointer so I can pour new

Michael aka wreckingcrewchief

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