Re: Quick change toolpost - differences


As someone else already said, these are not identical. The cheap
$79.00 ones from HF are not well made. I bought one and later bought
the Phase II from ENCO for my other lathe. There is no comparison.
Scott Logan sells the Phase II for more, but he will machine your T-
nut to your dimensions for free. I would not buy anything from
Harbor Freight unless I was willing to remanufacture it to make it

My $0.02.

Glen Reeser

--- In, Stephen Bartlett
<tower.op@v...> wrote:
The two look identical to each other, as well identical to the one
I got
from Wholesale Tools, Inc. I have beeen very happy with it.

Steve Bartlett

tracy_tracy wrote:
Then there's always this one, too.
The 100 (AXA) series piston type will be plenty accurate and
for your use.

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