Re: Thrust bearing


I think the roller bearing you're talking about is the one several of
us have used to replace the fiber washer that goes on the extreme
back side of the spindle between the take-up nut and the back of the
headstock. These get oil from the spindle oiler system.

Glen Reeser

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Thanks, I was wondering how the oil gets into those roller bearings
and what oil. Currently it has the thrust bushing in there and since
we were tearing it down, was wondering what oil and how it gets into
the rollers on the replacement roller type thrust bearing that
McMasters sells. We were thinking of using that as a couple said it
was a smoother and etc better replacement.

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I lubricate just about every thing on my 9" model C with spindle
oil .I
keep a pump type oil can on the lathe , each time I use it ,it's
-squirt -squirt . I've had this lathe for 47 yerars

* .

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