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I have both Phase II and the Harbor Frieght tool posts. The Phase II
is a much better tool. Fit and finish are much better. The handle
on the HF one I bought was not threaded. It had 60 degree grooves
around the end with zero pitch. It must have been a tough job to cut
grooves spaced at the correct distance apart without engaging half
nuts. I ended up making my own handle. HF stuff is very cheap but
be prepared to fix it to make it work.

Glen Reeser


I didn't buy my Phase II from Scott. If I'd known about the T-nut
machining offer when I bought it, he would have had my business.


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Hello all, I am interested in investing in a QCTP for my 10k but
a bit confused as to what to get. There are the Aloris and Dorians
but also the Harbor Freights for a fraction of the cost. I want
repeatable quality but not junk, what do you think? --Rob
I will risk the wrath of the group moderators, and the membership.
ANYONE feels I am out of line, please let me know, and I will stop.

As James Early mentioned, the Aloris brand is for those with more
money than time, or those lucky enough to find a good one on the

I am not familiar with the HF brand.

We are a distributor for Phase II, and I use their QC Toolposts
myself. In fact, I spent all day yesterday using one in our shop.

Yes, they are made in China, and no, I am not happy about that. On
the other hand, if anyone can make these for me at the same cost
in the US (or somewhere in North America), I'd be happy to buy them.

For the South Bend 9", 10-K, and 10", I recommend the "Series 100"
"AXA Series". This will handle up to 1/2" turning tools, and up to
boring bars.

I also recommend the same series for Logan Lathes, up to the 12".
Larger lathes, including the Logan 14", should use the larger sets.

For smaller lathes, the Piston Style is perfectly adequate, and much
less expensive. The wedge style is a bit more rigid and accurate,
either is such a huge improvement over the original "lantern style"
toolpost, that most would never know the difference.

OK, here's where I get slightly commercial.

As I said, we are distributors for Phase II. Where we differ from
most is that we will machine the T-Nut to fit your lathe at no extra

You need to ASK for this service, AND you must provide the
of the T-Slot in your compound rest. If you refer to the diagram

We need dimensions G, J, K, and W.

Finally, in order to salve some feelings that I am spamming, I will
offer members of this group free shipping (within the US) until 14
2004 on ANY Phase II items we carry. Mention this offer when
ordering, or if ordering via our web store, mention this offer in
comment section, and we will make the appropriate adjustments before
your card is processed.

For any more information, literature, or prices, please contact me
LIST, byt phone, fax or email.

Scott S. Logan, Vice President Tel +1 (888) 99-LATHE
Logan Actuator Co. Fax +1 (877) FAX-LOGAN
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