Re: Can You Identify This Spindle Adapter ?


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Glen Reeser

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I have recently acquired a couple of Odd-Ball sized 5C Collet
Spindle Adapters that I need some help in identifying what make of
Lathe they fit.The Adapters are for 5C Collets and are exactly as
would be the ones for the South Bend Heavy10 etc. except for the
Outer Tapered Diameter dimensions. The sizes on these are 1.510" at
the Large Taper Diameter and 1.410" at the Small Taper Diameter and
the length of Taper is about 2.000". I have been told that they are
also too small for a Logan. Does anyone know for sure what Lathe
these are for? Also does anyone know if there is a Yahoo group for
Clausing Lathes?


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