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He just means that the same measurement made twice will give the same
result. I have a Logan Actuator coffee mug that advises "measure
twice, cut once".

Glen Reeser

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Hi JP,
I follow your tip but am stumped by the term"repeatable dial
indicator" I
have several indicators but don't know what you mean by
someone tell me what it means? I have to learn something new and
this will
do just fine for today <g> Thanks JP
Tom Munroe
SouthBend Heavy Ten

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Tom, Its a simple and straight forward process so don't sweat it.
need a repeatable dial indicator and some paitience. Do both
while you are at it, one at a time. Don't take out .01 in shims to
remove .01 in play. Take out half or less of what you think you
and recheck it. Do it a number of times until you get it to .001
Remember to remove the screws from the expander before removing
bearing cap and installing and tighening them back up before
rechecking it with the lift test. Save the shims yu remove and
remember which spot they came out of in case you have to put them
back in.


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