Re: Spindle bearing losing oil


I haven't seen one but my guess is it enhances capillary action to
draw oil back to the sump. There is a parallel in my fountain pen
hobby. L.E. Waterman improved fountain pen design to the point that
they were a practical instrument in 1884. He cut several narrow
grooves in the bottom of the slot in the ink feed so that the ink
would flow down the grooves and air could go back into the ink
reservoir as the ink is used up. Without these grooves the pen skips
and then makes rorschach(sp?) tests.

Glen Reeser

--- In, "Craig S. Cleckner"
<c.s.cleckner@l...> wrote:
Yep, this is the little beastie. Has anyone come up for a name or
expressed purpose for it?

At 08:37 PM 4/19/2004 +0000, you wrote:
I think this is the clip in question.

--- In, "Craig S. Cleckner"
<c.s.cleckner@l...> wrote:
It was a small diameter brass wire. I'll try to describe it
based on a
hairpin;although it was much smaller scale.
Imagine starting with a hair pin. first you bend out the two
legs say
about half way up so that they are at ninety degree angles to
the original
legs. Then you take the part with the loop in it and bend it
up at the
half way point so that you get a angle of about 45 degrees
respect to
the other half. That 45 degree angle part forms a little
spring which was
inserted into the return holes. The legs that you bent out
rest outside
the hole and keep it from going all the way in.
At 09:56 AM 4/14/2004 -0400, you wrote:
Never saw one, but could you describe it? Is it a simple wire
sticking out a bit?
Here's a new one on me. I tore down a 9 inch headstock this
weekend. I
don't know the vintage offhand, but I'd say 50s to 60s. At
any rate
on all
four oil return holes I found a little brass wire device. I
can only
assume it is some type of bubble breaker. Anybody else ever
across these?

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