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When I bought my 9" C, they sent me an underneath drive unit instead
of the horizontal one I needed. I finally got the HD unit from the
seller (a company in Bristol CN) after several months of frustration.

I still have the under drive motor mount plate, cone pulley, two step
motor pulley, shaft (very worn but could be turned down and sleeved)
and lock rings. If someone can use any or all, they are available.
Make me an offer.

Glen Reeser

Jewellers Lathe
9" C SB
9" A SB

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Much of this has to do with the value of the item. At what point do
cannibalize something? If you can get more for the parts readily
selling the whole piece, then that might be the dividing line.
with our lathes, we could part out them for more money than what the
complete machine is worth. But, could we sell all of the pieces in
amount of time? I've seen on e-bay recently, a lot of parts to what
I would
believe to have been near complete machines. In one sense, it a
shame that
they got parted out. To the seller, it probably would have cost
to get the other parts, than the complete lathe would have sold
Or at
least seriously cut into his profit. If we look at extremely high
autos i.e. rare Ferraris, Jags, Ford GT-40's etc. They are rebuilt
if they
only have tittle to their vin number. Basically a replica that's
legit. I'm
afraid our lathes, however dear to us, aren't in that category.
Here's another aspect: when do we sell our spare parts or
hoard them?
Do we keep them in the hope that one day we might need that lead
screw etc.
for some machine we don't have? Right now I have the base plate to a
horizontal 9inch drive unit and the belt cone. (I do need a
drive unit.) Also, a feed screw to a milling attachment and maybe
the clamp
screws to it (but nothing else). I would sell or trade these out if
I had
what I needed. People keep out bidding me in the last few minute on
I hate it when I loose something by $1. (I did get a bunch of 6K
collets for cheap though.) At this point there is the large casting
for a
horizontal drive unit on e-bay. So I might need the base. I would
need the large pulley and shaft though. The shaft could be made. Do
create/compound this problem by hoarding these parts?

Bilal Hassan <900driver@m...> on 10/01/2001 07:38:27 PM

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    I wholeheartedly agree with you.  I have been
cars and appliances since I was ten years old...much to the
of my
parents! :-)  When I was fourteen years old, and my father
to get
sideswiped by a bus, his car was sporting multicoloured body
it died many years later (junkyard donor cars).  I have
cannibalized so
many microwaves and washing machines for their motors and
boards that I've lost count (rich relatives discarding them as
"trash." ).
I will hopefully be using some of these motors and controller
boards in
the upcoming ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
Student (I am
secretary of the student chapter at my university) competition,
where we
have to build a baseball-pitching machine capable of a high degree
repeatibility at pitching balls into a target.

Bilal Hassan
Mechanical Engineering major,
Materials Store Operator &
part-time Machinist.
Department of Physics,
University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
(both checked regularly)
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That's an interesting quandary - whether to cannabilize a lathe
clock, radio, whatever) and make available original spares to keep
better examples going. Or, to try and restore every last existing
thereby creating a scarcity of parts, driving up costs, perhaps
them too precious to use?

gmcelhaney@b... wrote:

gotta quit cannibalizing these and start saving them - they are
real piece of american heritage

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