Re: Brass SBL spanner and brass nuts.



Dennis Pantazis gave me 5 or 6 unfinished cross slide nuts for a non
Taper Attachment (i.e. standard) 9" or 10K lathe. I have the tap to
finish them when I get the time do it. I also have the tap to do a
compound nut. These should be pretty easy to knock out since they
are just cross drilled brass rod stock.

I don't know what you need for your 13" lathe.

Glen Reeser

--- In, Pandacpl <pandacpl@y...> wrote:
Hello Glen,
I have come in on the tail end of things, would you
mind tell me what you are making? I have a 1969 13"
I bought a few months ago. Don't know what size my
lathe needs. I have been taking it apart to see what I
need. Like the right grease #1378K33,mcmaster Carr
sell it, the same grease as SB uses. I know It need
some rear T.A. screw part number is AS6827T2 & I have
some slop in my compound. I have to get this Lathe
tight because I chamber Match barrels for my 6PPC
Rifles. This lathe will be set up to do nothing but
chamber barrels. I have to go to Travers in the
morning to pick up a D1-4 8" 4 jaw Ind. Benson chuck,
got ever thing for $329.99 + taxes.
I tried to by a D1-4 on e bay but they wanted $378.00
+ shipping and the name was PC. Keep me in mind on
parts you make. Here is my back door address,
Sorry for the long e mail. Take care.Kenny

--- Glen Reeser <Gorvil@a...> wrote:
I don't know if Dennis has any finished parts left.
I think he broke
the thread mill after the initial run. He left some
"blanks" with me. I have a 7/16" X 10 LH Acme tap
that I bought in
the UK. This is the thread on a 9" and 10K lathe
cross slide. One
of these days I'll get around to trying out the tap.
Are you sure
you need 1/2 x 20?

Glen Reeser

--- In, John Lanoue

Do you still have any of these nuts. Specifically
I'm looking for
the crossslide nut that holds the crossslide to
the1/2-20 Acme
crossslide screw. On my 9" Junior this is roughly
triangular in
crosssection and about 1 to 1 1/14" long. It has a
threaded hole on
top so the crossslide can be attached via a tapered
screw. If I
understand what I read, your suppling threaded
pieces that we then
modify to fit our specific application (ie. final
shape, top threaded
holes,etc). Might be interested in one because my
crossslide has a
lot of forward and back slop in it. I can't see
inside my Acme nut,
but I think probably this is coming from worn
threads. I have
wondered though about just performing the "fitting"
work as explained
in a file somewhere for replacement threaded rods.
Thanks for your
help in this.

Dennis Pantazis <dennis@p...> wrote:

i offered the same thing to the group about a year
ago and
about 20 of these nuts and offered them to the
group for $15/ a

i ended up eating a bunch of them.


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