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I would be interested in the milling attachment and the #3MT Milling
Cutter Arbor. I don't have anything from your list to trade, but I
do have several lifetime's supply of carbide inserts of various shapes
and sizes.

Glen Reeser

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I have been doing some Fall cleaning and have come across I few
I don?t need.

3MT collets:

½" 3C collet

Milling attachment for a SB9?. (This thing is cherry)

#3MT Milling Cutter Arbor (in original box)
Jacobs #58B Headstock Chuck for a 1 ½" x 8 spindle
#2MT Crotch Center
Assorted 5/8" and ½" lathe tool bits (some new HSS, some carbide)
Assorted Round Over endmills

Rather than put these on Ebay I would like to see what I can get for
them in trade for other shop items. If you have some old tooling
collecting dust email me at
I can provide pictures of any of the above. If you have nothing to
trade money is always an alternative.

Some things I need;
3/8" 3C collet
R8 tooling for my mill
3/8" lathe tool bits

Jake in Escon

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