Re: Tailstock taper question


The headstock is a shortened MT3 taper. The tailstock is an MT2
taper. If the taper on the chuck fits the headstock, it shouldn't
fit the tailstock.

I am assuming we're talking about a 9 inch or 10K, if not, the tapers
will be different, but I think they will still have a different taper
on the headstock than the tailstock.

Glen Reeser

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I am a complete novice to lathes and metal turning but have been
reading up before I start.

I have a Jacobs chuck which fits my SB lathe headstock quite snug.
But when I put it into the tailstock it shoulders before the taper
interferes. This means that the whole chuck would turn if I tried
drilling with it.

Does this mean that the internal taper is worn and if so what does
one do about it?

Skimming 2mm off the end of the tail stock would give extra
and would no doubt make it function but this would remove some of
vernier markings.

Am I missing something obvious that seasoned opertators take for
granted as common knowledge?

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