Re: Take a look at this 10K (possible restoration project) Pictures attached.



The "school" lathes usually have less wear than production lathes but
the student "dings" in compounds and ways are the flip side of that
coin. The rust on the ways looks pretty serious especially on the
tailstock end. If you decide to do this it will be a labor of love
and I'm sure you will have lot's to tell us about the process.

Personally I'd pass on this as a restoration project, but then the
two lathes in the basement now looked pretty scuzzy when I brought
them home. If it was cheap, it would be a source of parts for the
real project you start with the next SB you find.

Glen Reeser

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Greetings all,

This is my first post and yes I have read the FAQ.

A local machine shop/metal yard bought this 10K (CL670Z) from a
School metal shop. The owner has let it sit under a tarp in his
yard for the past 10 years and is now looking to sell it.

As you can see by the pics in the link below this would be a
restoration project. Looks like the high school kids put a few
nics in the tool post. There are a few small nicks on the bed as
well. Spindle and gears are present and move freely. I don't
I'd be able to power up the lathe - not sure of condition of apron
internals. Tailstock (not shown in pictures) is included. No

- Is this lathe worth restoring?
- How hard would it be to clean it up?
- If so what should I pay for this lathe?

Best regards,
Keith Kidder

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