Re: f'ing peanuts


I hate the bio-degradeable peanuts, too. One of my other hobbies is
pottery. I was doing a show in Wisconsin and it rained the first
night. The water collected in the canopy of my EZ-up tent and
collapsed the cover. The water partially disolved all of the starch
based packing peanuts. This covered all of my work with a gummy mess.

Glen Reeser

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Peanuts are not the curse I once thought them to be.

Our town dump has a peanut recycling shed where we just leave off
sacks of them and local merchants who ship stuff come and pick
up. They get recycled.

I guess it's not that easy in a city, but I bet there are local
merchants (try a second-hand bookstore) that would love free,

The bio degradable peanuts also have a drawback in that they
attract vermin,roaches etc.Dont keep them around the house/shop
etc. RC

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