Re: SB stuff for sale and a Hello from tools4cheap


Rose, who was our South Bend and later LeBlonde contact, told someone
who asked this question that it was the initials of the person who
scraped the machine. It must have given that person a sense of
satisfaction to do that. How many people sign their work in
factories today?

Glen Reeser

(Inspector 15)

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I forgot my question! The heavy 10 I have now has the letters
Stamped after the serial #. Possibly a Q and not an O. Either way I
cant find those codes listed anyplace. Any ideas?

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Hi guys-
Just signed up for your message board. Alot of great info here.
Some of you may know me. I am seller tools4cheap on ebay. I
typically have about 75-100 machinist auctions going at any given

I currently have a bunch of SB stuff up. Now listed, I have some
tooling, a 13" and a heavy 10".

I have a 10k that is not listed yet also.

If they dont sell whole I will be parting them out, if anyone is
need of parts. Im located in MA.


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