Re: Half nut repair


There was an artical in HSM about renewing halfnuts. I made the
bracket and bored out the worn threads and filled in the old halfnuts
with brazing rod. I used furnace patching material to build a dam to
keep the molten brass from running all over the place.

The guy Jeff is talking about seems to have a better system. If I
was going to do it again, I would try the bronze sleeve and epoxy

Glen Reeser

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In the files section, see the folder "RestoredHalfNuts". In this
repair an epoxy is used. I believe this guy offers this service,
I think I've seen these on eBay.


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Ok I have done some research but still have questions. I made a
to hold my Half Nuts for my SB9 (snip)
Any other suggestions on how to do this repair? I am tempted to
just > make the hole thing out of stainless billet. No one can see
them > anyway.

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