Re: Tool Holders


I looked on HF's web page and this is the only tool holder that comes
up. They say it's for a mini-lathe, I assume they mean the 7" x 10"
that they sell. The price is $79.99. Seems like a bargain for all
you get.... if it is adaptable to my SB9's.

Is this the one under discussion a few posts back? The catalog
number given (39063 OCJA) comes up blank.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., Thomas.G.Brandl@c... wrote:
Since toolholders has poped up on this board, here's a web address
one I ordered. . I have no affiliation to this
company. I have used the Aloris and Swiss type indexing holders.
Swiss type is probably the best, but on the expensive side. I think
around $800 for the smaller series. The holder from KRF looks to be
based on this design type, but simplified. I haven't seen mine
I haven't used it either. I am still rebuilding my lathe. I need to
modify the bed mounts, as I am using an Underdrive bed in place of
horizontal bed. This Underdrive bed has hardend ways and the ways
almost brand new. I'll post how this tool holder works out when
had the chance to use it.

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