Re: Cross feed & compound rest slop


I forgot to mention the oil screw in the top of the cross slide. If
it is screwed in too far it could act as a locking screw. Take it
out first to be safe.

Glen Reeser

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Dear All,

This is a old question, but I am still flumoxed.
The cross feed on my SBL9B has about 1/2 turn of backlash.
When the back lash is taken out, then it's OK but really annoying.
It seems the cross-feed handle just needs drifting further onto
the shaft. I cannot work out how to get the CF assembly apart
from the parts diagram. The handle will not budge for a start.

You need to unscrew the whole bushing assembly from the casting as
first step. There is (usually) a hole drilled into the bushing on
the bottom side for a spanner wrench. I used the tommy bar from my
Sherline chuck on one of my lathes. The bushine is right hand
threads. If all else fails, try padding the bushing with leather
clamping it in a vice. This worked on my other lathe.

The next hurdle is the nut that holds the crank handle on the
This is (usually) a slotted nut. A big screwdriver with a bite
out of the middle will work. There is a picture of a neat tool to
this job in the files section. I used a piece of drill rod with
shoulders milled off to make a screw driver blade and then took a
pass with an end mill through the center to spann the end of the
screw. I cross drilled to accept my Sherline tommy bar and the
hardened the tool. This will all be clearer if you look at the
in the files section.

The handle pulls off. There is a pin that keeps the handle from
spinning on the screw. Don't lose it.

Chuck the leadscrew in your lathe. Turn your compound 90 degrees
the lathe axis. Lock the cross slide by tightening down one or
gib screws. Face off the surface of the lead screw that the crank
handle seats on. Try fitting it all together. Measure the
Face off. Repeat. If you overshoot you can face off the screw on
the surface that runs on the inside of the bushing to increase

Somewhere I have a page from a SB publication that shows how to
install a new cross feed screw. It shows this whole process. It
might be in the army manual.

I will be posting a procedure on how to install ball thrust
on your leadscrew as soon as I get the pictures ready to load.


Next one is the compound rest, when the two grub screws are
to allow the rest to be swivelled the whole thing can be rocked
& forth!


Take the whole compund off by unsrewing the two "grub" screws all
way and jiggling the assembly until it lifts off. There must be
swarf under it or maybe one of the pins that holds the compound in
place is upside down.

That can't be right. I've just got the lathe & am struggling a
to diagnose the problems.
I bought it from a guy who after striking the deal, dismantled it
get it home, & it's never been the same since.
It was a good price & the overall condition tells me that it's OK,
just put together incorrectly.

Any ideas or maybe an online Haynes for SBL's?

Have a look in the FAQ's that Dennis Pantazis is editing. Seach on
FAQ to find the link on the list or I'm sure someone will jump in
provide it, since I cant remember what it is at the moment.

Hope this helps.

Glen Reeser

Incidentally, does anyone know of a UK spares agent?
I know boxford bits are mostly interchangeable, just in case
my problem is a bit more than a missing shim.


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