Re: 10k Bull Gear Problem


Remove the locking split nut. Loosen the bearing cap bolts. Get a
large hammer and a block of wood and drive the spindle towards the

You can use the tailstock to help convince the spindle to go back
where it belongs after it is all over. There are spring loaded felts
that you will need to retain with long pins through holes in the
headstock made for this purpose. They are just above the oil gits.
Oil comes out of them when you over fill.

While you have it apart, it's a good time to flush all the crud out of
the oil galleries. Kerosene or something similar works well.

When you have it all together fill the back gear sleeve and spindle
sleeve with teflon grease.

Good luck.

Glen Reeser

. Now, for $64k, how does
the spindle come out? I have the parts sheets, which show a split
on the left-hand end of the spindle, just to the right of the gears
that drive/are driven by the feed direction control apparatus, but
threads do not extend to the end of the gear. Is this the key? Or,
do you have suggestions for a source of information on di

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