Re: machine shop 101


Hi Ron,

I am ejoying the tutorial very much. Personally I would prefer an
inside thread tutorial first. As I posted earlier, I got into lathes
and machining because of my interest in fountain pens. Both the
barrel and the cap need to be threaded.

I would also very much like to see your technique for multi lead
threads. Traditional pen manufacture used triple lead threads so
that one twist of the cap would tighten it and you got several
to engage for strength. On my little Sherline hobby lathe I
disengaged the threading gears and rotated the chuck by 120 degrees
for each lead. This always seemed a risky and painful process. On
SB I lined up the compound slide parallel with the work and advanced
the tool 1/3 of the pitch for the second and third leads.

Glen Reeser

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I can cover the subject of cutting left-hand threads or cutting
INTERNAL threads first.
Which do you prefer?
In the coming months I can cover whatever topics you wish.
Just let me know.
regards, Ron
BTW, went to a garage sale yesterday. I found a Mechanix
May, 1945
in excellent condition. I paid 75 cents for it! This book had a
ad for SBL on the
back cover. The rest of the issue was full of ads that heavily
referred to
Ina thinks it's worth a bit more then what I paid for it.So do I

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