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Bill in OKC too

The new version of the South Bend  Heavy 10L from Grizzly is $10k, the steady & follower rests, and a 5C chuck are about another $1300, together. No taper attachment listed. The stand is another $2200 or so, plus more shipping.

 Back a few years ago when I bought my restoration project Heavy 10L for a grand, I got the lathe, two 5C collet closers, 2 single tumbler gear boxes, a taper attachment and both regular and turret tail stocks, and a butt-load of work to do to get it running again, sometime in the future. If I'm lucky and get to keep working on it. I appreciate the desire to buy one ready to operate. 

Back then, an operating SB Heavy 10 L was running around $3-4k on eBay. Plus a road trip to collect it. I live in an area where large machines are readily available, but that's not what I'm looking for. Good luck finding what you want at a price you can afford.

Bill in OKC 

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It is not a variable speed drive.  I got the serial number from him, but not the catalog number so there is some info I don't have.  The lathe is hooked up, fully functioning and everything works.  Obviously I dont know how worn it is, the Ways look good, cant speak to the running gear.  He messaged me back this weekend and I told him best of luck, but 3K was too much and he asked "What would you offer?"  I told him closer to 2K and he said "what if you meet me in the middle"

So, I'm thinking $2200-$2300 if I show up with cash and a trailer.  He is 2-1/2 hours away, so easily just half a day round trip.  The problem is, the more I think about it, this becomes another project rather then something plug n play.  I have a Mill and a bandsaw waiting in the wings. 

Assuming everything checks out, at best, the lathe needs a very good cleaning.  It was a Navy lathe, the paint is gone on most of the lathe and the steel base, I'm guessing from exposure to elements. The base is rusty and would need to be addressed for sure, its starting to pit

I found a clean, well tooled Heavy 10, but its 1100 miles away up in St. Paul.  I'm waiting on a shipping quote from UShip.

Other than in the rust belt, I'm not sure where people are buying Heavy10s for 2K that are in good shape and well tooled.  I think the best course for me is up my budget to $3.5 K with the likely hood I will need something shipped or take a decent road trip.

I really do just want to buy and plug a machine in for a change

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It would be very odd for this to have a reeves drive. 3k does seem to be too much. The tooling has a lot of unnecessary parts such as many wrenches. I wouldn’t accept much of that as actual tooling. It’s just random. What’s the size of the nose, 1 7/8” or 2 1/4”?


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        That seems pretty high to me . It's a older single tumble QCGB . I don't know how far the drive is , but if you do go to look at it take some indicators & stands with you & see what   you can

        measure as far as spindle run-out , & hi-low spots on the bed . I can't tell by the pic's if it has the variable speed drive . Those get expensive to repair , check movement of all the drive parts       

        for play . Make sure if it is a reeves drive that it runs smoothly through the speed changes . Take some material & make a test bar to measure if the head-stock is aligned with the bed &

        tailstock . There's a bunch of tubes on what to look for / at when buying a lathe . Take some measurements , do some tests .

        good luck



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Always appreciate the collective wisdom here.  Looking at a 1946, I believe 10L with UMD, the stand is the steel type with the U shaped legs. It is a Navy ship lathe I'm told, it has the J.A.N and L.Q.R inspection stamps on the bed in the serial number area.  Other than the "ugly", what would be a fair price to pay for a unit like this?  Asking price is 3K, it has 3 and 4 Jaw chucks, Taper, Radius and Milling attachments, steady rest, follow rest, some misc backplates, dogs, ect.  No Collet setup and no QCTP.  I had him send me a couple pics of the Ways and I don't see an apparent ridge, but always hard with photos.  There is a road trip involved so I cant inspect in advance.  Thanks for the help, have a good upcoming weekend

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