Re: Favor

Jack Jennings

Note to anyone receiving this “hope you are keeping safe” or other fishy message.  It was not sent by me, but by someone who has hacked my Comcast Xfinity account, obtained my former password, and used my email account to send these messages to email addresses found in my previous mail, going back for YEARS..  Comcast is aware of this problem, has notified me (and probably others) to change our passwords.  Hopefully you will not be bothered by future spam from this source. With my password now changed, the malcontent who did this is blocked out.  Please forward any of these message to me that ask for money or a gift card. The scammer is using the address <jejenings@...> and I am trying to convince hotmail to shut him down.  You can help by forwarding the email you received to abuse@...  with a not that asked them to shut down “ jejenings@...”. Thanks,  Jack

Additional note.  The scumbag harvested his victim addresses from my Comcast “Addresses” and “Captured Addresses.”  To protect yourself from a similar experience, go to your ISP webpage and:
·      Erase all the email contacts from any lists found there (I had over a thousand).  Keep your address lists on your own computer or phone.
·      Figure out how to stop your ISP from collecting addresses in the future.  I haven’t looked yet since I’ve been busy replying to inquiries.

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