Re: Headstock oil pipe plug identification

Bill in OKC too

Greg, that's close to the the standard for 1/8" NPT. You should be able to find those at any good hardware store. 27tpi is definite, OD is .405" and it should be a tapered plug. Pretty sure I have one laying about here somewhere, but finding it would be a bear. If you can stand brass, Home Depot has them on their website. 


Bill in OKC

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On Friday, August 12, 2022 at 09:11:50 AM CDT, Greg <condor6213@...> wrote:

I was doing a oil change of the oil in the headstock. After removing the two pipe plugs located below the two oil cups, I somehow managed to loose one of the plugs! I have spent hours searching for this thing and have not been able to locate it. (No doubt it will turn up in a month AFTER I find a replacement!) It is part # 152 x 73 on the parts list & has a thread of 27 tpi. It's OD at the top is about .400". (Based on the other one that I HAVEN'T lost yet.) I don't see those dimensions listed on any screw charts I have. Can anyone out there tell me specifically what the npt identifier for this screw is? And does anyone have any idea where I might find one?? Thanks, Greg

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