Re: Minimum Number of Change Gears

John Dammeyer

You might want to consider joining this group and take a look at how simple it is to add a stepper motor+driver and a 1 pulse per rev sensor to get all the threads you want.  It was for old lathes missing gears that this project was originally done.


Attached is a photo of how I coupled a stepper motor to my Heavy 10L lead screw.  I just disengage the gear box selector leaver and the forward reverse leaver.  Haven't used the gears in probably 10 years.


John Dammeyer


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Subject: [SouthBendLathe] Minimum Number of Change Gears


Hi all,

Quick opinion question.

I'm 3D printing a set of change gears as a bit of an experiment, the cost is low but its quite a bit of time to invest

I know very little about actually using change gears so this might be a redundant question, but is there a minimum number of gears one could "get by" with assuming I only wanted UNF/UNC in 1/8" - 1/2" diameters and maybe pushing my luck with some metric, I have already done the cad for an 80/63T

Buying premade gears in my country is very expensive, prohibitively so, also making them is beyond my current ability.

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