Re: New to me SB 10 Heavy, need help with identification

mike allen

        I've seen a few of those Delta/Rockwells for sale on my semi local CL .  They look like pretty capable machines , but their way out of my price range . I live @ a hr from any large town Reno so things are usually gone before I see them .

        I've seen a couple of the ones that HF used to sell & I just need one to fall in my lap .  Thanks for the reply , it's always good to hear from other folk's experiences .



On 7/30/2022 7:38 PM, wlw19958 wrote:

Hi There,

On Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 05:56 PM, mike allen wrote:
For folks with either grinder which do you use more often & for what job ?
I have both types of grinders and I find the surface grinder much more
useful that the tool post grinder.  My surface grinder is a Delta/Rockwell
"ToolMaker" grinder.  It isn't the best surface grinder but with care and
finesse, one can get good results.  The one thing I like about the "Tool-
Maker" is there are attachments that turn the grinder in to a fairly good
tool and cutter type grinder. 

I use the tool post grinder to machine/modify tools and parts that are
hardened and therefore are too hard to machine.

I have been making some tool and die type punches for stamping special
washers and the surface grinder is the tool to sharpen the die and the

One job I did required both the "ToolMaker" with the tool and cutter attachment
and tool post grinder.  That job was to modify a 30° horizontal mill cutter.  I
bought a 30° horizontal milling cutter to make some indexing plates for the
"Unihead" indexing attachment for the "ToolMaker."  The bore of the cutter
was 22mm (which is close to 7/8") and after careful set-up in the four-jaw
chuck, I used the tool post grinder to open the ID (from .866" to .875"). 

Then I was able to mount the cutter on a 7/8" mandrel and put it in the tool
and cutter attachment to modify the face and to touch-up the cutting edges.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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