Re: New to me SB 10 Heavy, need help with identification

Bill in OKC too

Easy-off is a heck of a lot cheaper, and available in your local grocery store. Though electrolysis will remove any rust and paint, and a box of washing soda costs about what 1 can of oven cleaner costs. And it will do a whole lot of machine parts.

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Today I picked up a can of the "New South Bend Blue" tinted paint. I am sure it will be OK. Looks very similar to the machine gray on my Rockwell mill. As for de greasing, I had already picked up a couple of cans of GUNK that I plan to use. Tried to get Mr Muscle last week online to help with the paint removal (couldn't find it locally) but when it came, it was a totally different oven cleaner. Sent it back out of frustration. I have a needle scaler and have already started using it on the castings. Works great. As for the threading dial, one of the guys on this thread told me he had one to sell. Still waiting to hear back from him. Hoping we can make a deal on that. All in all, it's (slowly) coming together.

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