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Steve Wells

Well, I may have looked at the wrong part number.

I show the timing belt as PT4456TT1, but I believe that is the single drive belt on the post Nov 1974 up.

I don’t show the number you listed, does it have dual drive belts?

I looked in the older parts list, and the AC dual drive belts match the number you list, starting at about SN 73TT876.

That belt is 66.93-inches.




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Hi Derrick,

If anyone might have them it would be Ted…

The part numbers you list are for a November 1974 forward, starting about SN 74TT1260.

The variable speed belt is a Speed Selector Inc. belt # 2322V421

This belt is still listed in their belt catalog, but not sure with out calling.

I believe the variable speed belt is the same as the older 14’s before the above date.

The timing belt is a Browning 660H100

The timing belt is not the same as the older belt.

You should be able to cross the 660H100, I see them listed from 13.00 to 106.00

That belt is 66-inchs x 1-inch

I don’t know the length of the VSD belt, only that it is 10.5-inchs center to center.

The Speed Selector price list as of 4/22 lists the belt at 54.00.


Hope that helps,








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Working that as a backup. I tried to find mfg and numbers on old belts but they are gone. Found a guy (TED PFLUGNER (latheman2@...) that says he might have them. Mostly I was hoping someone in the Forum had current P/N's. I will post results if I can source them. 

Thanx and Good Shootin'

Derrick Martin


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Do you have the original belts? Can you take measurements off them and look them up from there? I have a south bend fourteen though right now it’s in my son’s shop about 20 miles away. If you need measurements and ain’t in a hurry I might be able to measure them.






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Helping a friend with his lathe.

I found Owner Manual, Parts List and Maintenance Manual on web.

Looking for Drive Belts P/N PT8747TT2 and Variable Speed Belt P/N PT8756TT1.

Tried searching and cross referencing, but the South Bend Part Numbers are a dead end. South Bend can't help.
Can anyone assist?

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