Re: Cleaning files fouled by aluminum

Nick Jonkman

Back around 1987 I bought a Martin D28 guitar kit from St. Croix Kits now Music Makers for $299.95. Martin was selling kits of unfinished guitars that were supposed to be seconds with some slight blemish. Mine came with a note that said no blemish. I bought this just after my first wife had past away from cancer in 1986 and this project kinda kept me occupied and got me back to living again. I played it for many years . I also have a Gibson J50, a 1953 vintage.  Now at 80 years my fingers don't work so well any more. One of these days I am going to have to sell them as none of my family is interested in them.

On 2022-06-29 12:23 a.m., mike allen wrote:

        Anybody can learn to play the guitar . Can they be any good at it ? Well that's up to them . I had a DR get inside of my hand & screw up a finger . I'm still sitting on several guitars worth some

        good $ thinking one day my hand will work right again . I have several friends with Martins , some can play them & some just have Martins . Myself I have never liked the way a Martin sounds

        when I played one . I had a pretty nice Gibson L5 that sounded great  that I left at a aunts house at the wrong time & she tossed it . She is no longer my aunt but I still don't have that guitar .


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