Re: RIP. SB 9B!

william twombley

      Thanks. “ animal”
My “Grey Ghost” will come to my new shop and. I will give it a “Shot.   I started with a really superb Bed.  Refurbished over 8 years to fine working. Condition.      As long as the. Bed is straight,  i’m willing to Go at it.    It was in. Top running condition.  This time,  i leveled it using my “master Level and    Straight turning with the Er40 collets is”no Fuss”. easy!

 i will remember to  put the V-Rib. Belt on it this time.  My only issue was the Horizontal drive .   I have used it side by side with a  mini Lathe.  The SB for big stuff and  the mini. For the fiddly stuff. 

  My motivation has been low. PTS,  i suppose! I’ve got plenty of. Bench space in the new shop,  so. it has a home.  I used a clapped out C model for 30 years,  till the. Headstock Died.  i Added. A powered apron and. Direct reading dials.   Looks like 3. Variations of Crossfeed screws in these over the years.  I have a short stem” one ,so. I made an extension to  fit the dial and thrust bearing and handle.  Easy. Peasy….     Scratched my head a lot there to make it all “jive”.    10 K. Compound with a Sb9 base casting,  was a straight up fit for center height.  I really have not ventured into the shop as My Battery bank may have released a lot of lead.  I have hazmat suits and respirators on hand.     I like the feel and simplicity. of a well tuned. SB 9.   My benchtop was  Laminated butcher block maple. And. Once set”. It stayed “True. Level and. Test Bar results stayed dead stable, literally for Years. Becase of  humidity Variations. I might see as much  as 5 tenths taper in 12”.  “Sweep”the Bed with the master level on the crosslide and no Twist at all!   Like a long term relation ship. Or aged wine.  Smooth and easy!   3 phase motor  and VFD from here! And that nice T Slot casting from MLA.  The one mod not done, yet!! let the games commence!  Finding my Loco Projects will. Take  some  sifting for the 21/2” and 71/2” gauge bits.  The cast iron stuff if not broken should be Ok!  Generic Machine tool grey as it was before, for me!  Finding my near perfect Halfnuts might be an issue but, i prefer the Slotted apron drive anyway! 

 thanks again!

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