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Umm... Look at the pictures!!!  It might be the box but it is a crude home-made ball center without the ball or a piece of scrap metal.  Buyer beware!!

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Currently on Ebay...
Vtg South Bend Lathe Works Headstock Spindle Sleeve Catalog No. 205-N, orig box! $49.99
So what Morse Taper is this? And will it fit my 9A?    ;-\
Erik A

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I would check closer before making that MT4 as I think it would be a very thin sleeve and could prove it's self problematic in use and removal.

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Might want to add an MT4 while you're at it. Just in case. It will be a while before I need one, but the Smithy CB-1220XL 3-in-1 machine my brother decided I needed has an MT4 spindle, MT3 tailstock, and came fairly well tooled for a lathe that never got used. My Atlas TH42 uses MT3/MT2, and I somehow wound up with a fairly nice little chuck on an MT1 taper long before I got my first lathe. The Atlas MF milling machine uses MT2, also.  Having the variety of adapters means you don't have to be so careful as to what Morse-tapered tooling you buy. ;) 

Bill in OKC

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I have not but would say that is your call.  You can also ream the finish internal taper using a Morse Taper finish taper in the tail stock.   I would only do this turning the spindle by hand not under power. 

Conciser making MT1- MT2- MT3 adapters and a blank or two while you are setup?

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 11:50:18 AM CDT, Rangelov <rangelov@...> wrote:

That will make it easier to hold and keep it true.

Should mark spindle and adapter in case the adapter is removed and reinstalled.  Probably unnecessary since is probably true. But why not?

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