Re: 14-1/2 spindle nose and taper

My heavy 10 has the 1-3/8" spindle through hole. So far as I can tell, anyway. It's still a little too rusty to be certain. Spent five years in a leaky barn before I got it. I have it about a third disassembled and de-rusted. Headstock, turret tailstock, and two of the old single tumbler QCGB's, and a taper attachment, still need disassembly and de-rusting. 

Might be a few years yet, but it's inside, taking up my workshop space. I may may de-rust the bed with an improvised blaster full of walnut shell with sheet plastic to catch the walnut shell. Have an old parts washer full of Purple Power degrease that will probably use on the gear boxes and such. Though I've also built a tank to do electrolytic rust removal if the walnut shell doesn't work well. 

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On Saturday, May 28, 2022, 07:45:42 PM CDT, ken campbell <deltainc@...> wrote:

just for reference, i have a friend that has a heavy 10 ... but it has a d3 chuck, and we think it takes MT4.5 spindle centers.  it also has about a 1.25 inch spindle hole..  kind of a rare beast, apparently.  it is a qc with starwheel clutch engagement and has a taper attachment ! ...  and underdrive.  hmmm .

oh, we can't find a MT4.5 adapter anywhere, but at least he has the taper attachment to make some.


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