Re: 14-1/2 spindle nose and taper


A 14.5" uses a Morse 3 taper with a sleeve that on the outside is a special South Bend taper.  It is fairly easy to turn your compound and hand cut the special taper.  The angle is achieved when you have dial indicator reads zero when advancing the compound within the spindle.

I normally cut 2 when I have the compound set so I have a blank for future needs.

This is a subject that has been asked about many times in the past so more detailed thoughts are in the archives of this site.

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, 11:24:05 AM CDT, Rangelov <rangelov@...> wrote:

As said previously, I have looked at SouthBend documenation.  I have not found dimensions for my spindle, nor a spindle adapter listed.

My spindle gage line is about 1.313 inches, Morse Taper #4 has gage line of 1.231. Which means a paper thin center adapter or the center goes in too deep.  It has been a few years since I tried to fit a center.

I know there are other SouthBend 14-1/2 lathe owners here.  Anyone with the small spindle (2-1/4x6) nose?  How is your spindle configured?
  What center fits your spindle?  Does it have a sleeve?

Thanks for any real assitance, Dimitar

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