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Bill in OKC too

I'm not sure they're still in business. The owner ran afoul of the AFT for selling firearms without an FFL. Though I hope I'm wrong.

Bill in OKC

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You should consider calling Cattail Foundry in Gordonville PA. They will pour anything cast-iron for you, except canons. They are Amish, so no internet, just good old fashion letters and sometimes they even answer the phone, but they do great work.

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Hi guys,

That'd be me looking for a set of cast iron legs.  I've been looking for a long time.  
I've seen the Grizzley legs, but as others mentioned; expensive! 
The legs for the older SBs have a very unique and narrow top mounting plate of 6"x6".  None of the third-party examples I've seen have that kind of mounting plate.  Luckily, I have another 11" lathe to measure, and was able to create a set of drawings for a local shop to fabricate a set of legs out of 1/2" steel plate.  I sent them the drawings.  Still waiting on a price.  I'm sure they won't be cheap...but I want to try and match the SB legs if I can.  
If the price is out of sight; plan B is to look at making a replica of the SB wood bench.  The SB bench appears doable and it won't need to be very big as my lathe is a 11x3 with the integral splash pan.  Fingers crossed on the fabrication price.

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