Re: Cast Iron Legs

Jack Reynolds


You are probably quite right on both counts.  Unfortunately not only are belt drive lathes mostly a thing of the past but manually operated lathes are not far behind as are people who know how to use them properly.  I have a 1959 SB Heavy 10 and a 10 inch Logan, both of which combined could not even begin to match the cost of that new Heavy 10 which does not even come with a base.  Nevertheless, I would not trade either of them for that new "Heavy 10".


On 4/22/2022 6:22 PM, Ondrej Krejci via wrote:
The new Heavy Ten is still cheaper than the last dinosaur SB lathe offered by LeBlond Makino at $15K, which no one was buying anyway.  Belt drive metal lathes are mostly a thing of the past.

On Friday, April 22, 2022, 04:48:10 PM EDT, Jack Reynolds <jackandladyreynolds@...> wrote:

I went and looked at the SB/Grizzly website to see these and I agree about the crazy price.  But when I perused more of the site and got curious about their version of a SB Heavy Ten I was aghast!  They boast about what a hodge podge of parts they are made of from around the world and then show a price that blows you away!  They are also out of stock on most of them.  It is a far cry from when SB used to boast that all orders were filled from stock and the black and white pictures of row upon row of beds, heads, etc ready to be assembled and shipped.


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