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Bill in OKC too

That does not include the wooden top or shelf. Those are an additional $273 each. Plus shipping. Lots of shipping. $179 for the set of legs alone.

Bill in OKC <----- can't help being a downer sometimes. Sorry about that!

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That looks like a pretty good deal, with both tops. I bet it weight 120 pouns like nothing. I want to see my mailman hauling that to the door. 

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Remember that any advertising is generic. Once you establish contact with the seller, they will send you a list of 40-50 styles they manufacture and the respective prices. Then you pick what you want. Kinda like Amazon advertising sunglasses in an ad and when you go to the shopping catalog site they have 3,800 designs to pick from. 

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Ok is this a crap shoot as to what style legs you get? I see a different leg style in the video vs. the still pictures. Probably get something completely different when you receive it. Is 28.5" tall enough seems short to me.
Bill From Socal

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