Re: Removing a stuck brass compound nut

Rogan Creswick

I bought the $25 nut off ebay, figuring that I'd need to turn it down from larger stock to properly fit the bore, and I didn't want to bother rigging the lathe without a compound...

As it turns out, the nut I bought was made from 0.625 stock, and wasn't machined at all on the part of the OD that actually matters, so yeah, I should have just used the 5/8" 360 brass bar I already happen to have, and bought the tap.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 3:46 PM Chipbreaker13 <john.lillig@...> wrote:
If you like restoring old machine (and who doesn't) then my vote is to buy the $17 tap and round stock. I just bought that tap to make a new brass nut for my Atlas 7B shaper. 

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