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If you have a card file, and keep your files clean, it's not so much a problem, if you have only a few files. If you have a bunch of files, it's a great idea to have different files for different materials. And file cards for each material, too. So far, I've mostly worked in steel, so I don't usually have that problem, but I do hope to branch out a bit in my making of stuff, so I am trying to acquire a few more files. I've only got 40 or 50. ;)

Not all of them are handled, yet, either. That despite the fact that I have both a bunch of handles, a few golf balls, and hardwood dowels and copper pipe in several diameters. I'm also lacking in file storage. Most of the files I have are in the same small organizer tray, heavily coated with light machine oil from drowning them in WD-40 after my file sharpening experiment.

My favorite file at work was a 14" flat Mill Bastard file. But they didn't let me take it home when I left there, about two years ago. Haven't found one in that size where I could buy it, yet, though I did get a slightly smaller version at HD last year. I then proceeded to tear up my shop, so it's still in the packaging, out there somewhere. I also collected several 12" files from my school when they cleaned out the classroom and threw a bunch of stuff way. If my back would ease up, I could finish the shop setup and organization a lot faster. Next epidural injection the 26th, it may be better after that. For a while.

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I suppose you all know that you should keep separate files for steel and brass / bronze? Once a file has been used on steel, it tends to just skid over brassy stuff without cutting. Still works on steel, though.


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